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Annual Membership 2010

The Hindi, Gujarati & Telugu language classes, Music lessons and Yoga sessions have continued also through true voluntary support of many of you. Many religious discourses by learned visiting saints and scholars have also enriched our community.

We request your continued commitment to your own temple and hope you will renew your membership and if you are not a member, to become a new member of the temple in this year. Please use the attached Membership Form.

Please take a moment today, to write a check and mail to show your support. May the blessings of the Lord be with you through out the New Year.

Mahender Reddy, Chairman


Temple Events

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Sage Advice: Yoga Vasishtha

"Devine Being, like a sea, surges upward in a wave of creation, then subsides again into its own nature. Waves of universes rise incessantly, in infinite numbers, one after another."
-- Yoga Vasishtha 2:19

Hindu History: Vyasa

Vyasa, who compiled the four Vedas into their current format, is also credited with writing the Mahabharata, a book four times the length of the Christian Bible, and the 18 Puranas, many of which are over four hundred pages long. Cooler heads believe that although there probably was an original Vyasa involved in collecting the Vedas, his name was later applied to other men and women who authored or edited voluminous sacred texts.

Quick Info

The word Upanishad means "sitting near." It conjures up the image of a disciple sitting near the guru, listening intently.


You can assist the Birmingham Hindu Temple with our numerous educational, cultural and service programs through easy, online donations. Your generous donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.