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Benefits of Membership

Please consider renewing your membership to The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Birmingham for 2008. Basic membership is $500. Diamond membership is $1000 and Platinum membership is for $1500. All contributions are 100% Tax deductible with IRS. The benefits of each category of membership are as listed:

$ 500 Membership: (Basic Voting)


  • Voting right: This is the year to vote for Board of Trusties. (March 2008)
  • 10% concession: on Auditorium Rental. ( $ 300 vs. $ 500) You save: $200
  • 20% concession: on Hindi Class per child ($ 80 vs. $ 100) you save : $ 20
  • 100% concession: on Yoga Classes ( $ zero vs. $120) You save: $ 120
  • 100% concession: on use of Sports Facilities ( $ zero vs. $150) You save: $150
  • Tax benefit: up to 30% (from Uncle Sam) You save: $150
  • Total saving: (If you utilize all services at least once) $640
  • Feeling of satisfaction to support your community: Invaluable

$1000 Membership: (Diamond)


  • All of the above. ($640 Value)
  • Family members names chanted during all Abhisheka. ($300 value)
  • Tax benefit (From Uncle Sam): +($150 value)
  • total savings ($1090 )

$ 1500 Membership: ( Platinum)


  • All of the above ($1090 value)
  • Sponsor of all Satya Narayan Poojas ($250 Value)
  • Sponsor of all other samuhik Poojas (Over $ 500 Value)
  • Tax benefit: From Uncle Sam + (up to $150 value )
  • Total savings: ($1990 value)

Associate membership: $ 250


  • Voting right: none
  • All other benefits of Basic membership: A $ 640 value

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The ancient Indian epic called the Mahabharata describes weapons of mass destruction unlike anything seen on earth again until the twentieth century. So many people were killed in a massively destructive war in North India, says the text, that no one was left alive who knew how to build more of the weapons! The Ramayana claims that in ancient times some advanced civilizations even knew how to build flying machines called vimana.

Sage Advice: Yajur Veda

"Imagine this universe as a tree. Its root reaches far above, its branches spread out below. The branches are these many worlds. The root is the Supreme Being from whom all these worlds receive life, who is their innermost being, who is the everlasting transcendent reality."
-- The Yajur Veda

Sage Advice: The Mind

"For the man who has conquered it, the mind becomes his greatest friend. For the one who has failed to conquer it, the mind becomes his worst enemy."
-- Bhagavad Gita 6:4


You can assist the Birmingham Hindu Temple with our numerous educational, cultural and service programs through easy, online donations. Your generous donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.

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