Pooja Schedule

Pooja Donation


Inside the Mandir:

  • It is the responsibility of the Temple Affairs & the Temple Management to come up with the temple
    schedule and activities in advance for the calendar year. The general public will have access to the
    same information through the Temple Calendar, Archana Magazine, e-mail and our temple website.
  • The temple designated person(s) and the priests are responsible for maintaining the daily scheduling
    of nithya pooja, administering and monitoring the proceedings inside the Mandir during all the
    temple scheduled Festivals and regular weekend services. No outside priests are permitted to perform
    pooja services inside the Mandir.
  • It is the responsibility of priests as well as all the devotees to maintain sanctity, tranquility and
    decorum of the Mandir. The priests are to perform their assigned duties at this place of worship
    according to Aagama Shastra. It is also the responsibility of the priests to welcome all devotees with
    courtesy and humbleness and strive for devotees’ satisfaction so that the devotees carry with them the
    blissful memories of their visit to the temple.
  • Devotees should cooperate in maintaining silence throughout the pooja services and help keep the
    temple clean and tidy. Volunteerism in any form by the devotees is welcome and appreciated.
  • Use of microphones should be limited to devotional bhajans and discourses (approved by the Temple
    Management) only. Temple announcements should be kept to a minimum and should be avoided
    completely during pooja services.
  • The administration should try to accommodate all the requests of the devotees when they wish to
    avail the priest services. In the case of conflict of schedule, the temple scheduled event takes the
  • Usage of temple email facility should be kept exclusively for the temple related activities and
  • The THTCCB Management doesn’t co-sponsor any cultural event/pooja with any
    individual or group.

  • Even any private fund raising event conducted in the temple rental facilities, THTCCB
    Management has the right to collect fifty percent of the collected fund.
  • The temple management appoints a designated person(s) to each of its approved temple
    sponsored event. It is the responsibility of the designated person(s) to administer and
    supervise the event as per the established procedure and make the event a successful one.
  • In the event of Prasad (other than finger foods) served during any other occasion than approved
    list/activities mentioned above, devotees shall avail the rental facilities for serving lunch/dinner
    (Prasad) only for fifty percent discount than the normal rental fees.
  • The temple management has given guidelines and instructions to Mrs. Meena Shah to make
    reservation for temple rental facilities (Temple rents Auditorium and Mini Hall only).