Yajna (Sacrifice)

There are many types of yajna. Daivayajna, the most well-known yajna is performed in the fire of Yoga with the intention of attaining oneself. Another yajna performed with a fire ritual is Brahmayajna, As you can see, all of these yajnas may be performed by anyone, but you will not achieve anything unless you do yajna with the right intentions. You must complete yajna without your ego. This sounds easy, but in reality is extremely hard. Yajna with your ego would not be a sacrifice.

Many yajnas involve offerings. For instance, you can offer your wealth (Dravyayajna) or your learning to attain Brahma (Dnyanyajna). Other yajnas include Yogayajna, Meditation, and Gurumantra.

Some yajnas involve controlling your desires. Controlling your senses to eliminate desires, or the Yajna of Self Control, is one of them. Controlling your breathing (Pranayama) and your diet (Vajrayoga) are others.

Many of these yajnas sound like you don’t sacrifice much, but in reality all of these yajnas are sacrifices of your ego, which is why any of them will work. Remember, a man may give 10% of his salary to a charity one month a year, but if he gives 10% of his salary every month for as long as he has a salary, which is a greater sacrifice.

According to the Geetha, you can do whatever yajna works for you as long as you do it right. Doing it right is the most critical part. If the yajna is completed correctly, you will be closer to achieving liberation.

Komal Shah is a member of Divine Youth Group at Hindu Temple and 10th grade student at Alabama School of Fine Arts